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So much of what we publish is read in a browser. So why not create your reports or white papers so that they work perfectly in a browser?

Easy to use.

Publish in minutes. No website, template or server needed. Just request an invite.

Desktop, tablet and mobile.

Reports and white papers created with Colophon are optimised for all screen sizes.

Interactive and beautiful.

Embed anything: video, audio, graphs. Add visuals or pictures: Colophon makes it look great.

So many advantages

Colophon is a bit like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. A bit. Because there's a big difference: with Colophon you don't create 'documents'. With Colophon you create web pages. So you don't have to send somebody a document, like a PDF. You just send them the link.

Sharing & Analytics

Working with Colophon makes sharing on social media or in newsletters super easy. The integration into your website is seamless. Colophon makes sure Google can find your report or white paper and also tracks the performance of your report.

“We only realized that PDF is not made for online publishing until we started using Colophon.”